restricted access   Volume 28, Number 4, Autumn 1997

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From: New Literary History

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Special Issue: Philosophical Thoughts

The Ballad of Marxist Criticism (to the tune of "Say Something Stupid Like I Love You")

pp. 5-7

Analogy as Translation: Wittgenstein, Derrida, and the Law of Language

pp. 655-672

Are Parody and Deconstruction Secretly the Same Thing?

pp. 673-696

Dialogism, the Gaze, and the Emergence of Economic Discourse

pp. 697-710

Criticism, Valuation, and Useful Purpose

pp. 711-722

The Romance of Realism

pp. 723-737

The Urban Aesthetics of Absence: Pragmatist Reflections in Berlin

pp. 739-755

Palomar, the Triviality of Modernity, and the Doctrine of the Void

pp. 757-778

Problems of Bakhtin's Theory about "Polyphony"

pp. 779-790

Formalism and the Return to the Body: Stein's and Fornes's Aesthetic of Significant Form

pp. 791-809

Extratextual Intelligence

pp. 811-820

The Greening of Postmodernism: Graham Swift's Waterland

pp. 821-832


pp. 833-834

Books Received

pp. 835-837