restricted access   Volume 28, Number 2, Spring 1997

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From: New Literary History

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Special Issue: Medieval Studies


pp. 157-159


Irregular Histories: Forgetting Ourselves

pp. 161-184

Medieval Christian (Dis)identifications: Muslims and Jews in Guibert of Nogent

pp. 185-203

"So That We May Speak of Them": Enjoying the Middle Ages

pp. 205-230

Masoch / Lancelotism

pp. 231-260

Regimes of the Visual in Premodern England: Gaze, Body, and Chaucer's Clerk's Tale

pp. 261-289

Private Selves and the Intellectual Marketplace in Late Fourteenth-Century England: The Case of the Two Usks

pp. 291-318

Queer Play: The Cultural Work of Crossdressing in Medieval Drama

pp. 319-344

Words and Deeds: Jean de Meun's Romance of the Rose and the Hermeneutics of Censorship

pp. 345-366

The Horror of Culture: East West Incest in Chretien de Troyes's Cliges

pp. 367-381

Chaff: Thomas Aquinas's Repudiation of His Opera omnia

pp. 383-399

Dante and the Modern Subject: Overcoming Anger in the Purgatorio

pp. 401-420


pp. 421-422

Books Received

pp. 423-424