restricted access   Volume 46, Number 2, May 2009

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From: Demography

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Job Loss and Health in the U.S. Labor Market

pp. 221-246

Unwed Fathers’ Ability to Pay Child Support: New Estimates Accounting for Multiplepartner Fertility

pp. 247-263

Parental Imprisonment, the Prison Boom, and the Concentration of Childhood Disadvantage

pp. 265-280

Nature’s Experiment?: Handedness and Early Childhood Development

pp. 281-301

Is the Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status and Health Stronger for Older Children in Developing Countries?

pp. 303-324

Proximate Sources of Population Sex Imbalance in India

pp. 325-339

Motherhood, Labor Force Behavior, and Women’s Careers: An Empirical Assessment of the Wage Penalty for Motherhood in Britain, Germany, and the United States

pp. 341-369

Modeling Transition Rates Using Panel Current-Status Data: How Serious is the Bias?

pp. 371-386

Reconstructing Childhood Health Histories

pp. 387-403

Can Knowledge Improve Population Forecasts at Subcounty Levels?

pp. 405-427