restricted access   Volume 124, Number 3, April 2009 (German Issue)

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From: MLN

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Special editor: Katrin Pahl


Emotionality: A Brief Introduction

pp. 547-554


On Stage: Ritualized Emotions and Theatricality in Isolde's Trial

pp. 555-571

Critical Absorption: Kant's Theory of Taste

pp. 572-591

Adorno's Tears: Textures of Philosophical Emotionality

pp. 592-613

Subjects of Emotionality

The Point Well Missed: Kant's Punctual I and Schopenhauer's Optics of Philosophical Writing

pp. 614-637

And Time

pp. 638-647

Impersonal Passion

Who's Afraid of Anacoluthon?

pp. 648-665

Forging Feeling: Kleist's Theatrical Theory of Re-layed Emotionality

pp. 666-682

Revaluating Ugly Feelings

Toward a Phenomenology of Emotion in Film: Michael Brynntrup and The Face of Gay Shame

pp. 683-707

Unfulfillable Wishing: Depression in the Gray Zone

pp. 708-727

Other Articles

Pernicious Bastardizations: Benjamin's Ethics of Pure Violence

pp. 728-751


Religion: Beyond a Concept (review)

pp. 752-756

Housing Problems: Architecture and Literature in Goethe, Walpole, Freud, and Heidegger (review)

pp. 756-759

Die Logik des Unbewussten in der Kunst. Subjekttheorie und Ästhetik nach Hegel und Lacan (review)

pp. 760-763

Eine Poetik der Moderne. Zu den Strukturen modernen Erzählens (review)

pp. 763-766

Museums of the Mind: German Modernity and the Dynamics of Collecting (review)

pp. 767-770

Labors of Imagination: Aesthetics and Political Economy from Kant to Althusser (review)

pp. 770-773



pp. 774-776