Volume 24, Number 1, April 2009

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

  The Most Influential Books of Southeast Asian Studies

pp. vii-xi

Review Essay

  Nationalism in Southeast Asia: Revisiting Kahin, Roff, and Anderson

pp. 1-17

  The (Un)Changing World of Peasants: Two Perspectives

pp. 18-31

  Furnivall's Plural Society and Leach's Political Systems of Highland Burma

pp. 32-46

  Revisiting Two Classics: Charting the Mental World of the Oppressed

pp. 47-59


  Fruits of the Orchard: Land, Space, and State in Kepulauan Riau

pp. 60-88

  Unsettled Post-Revolutionaries in the Online Public Sphere

pp. 89-121

  Teaching Dharma, Grooming Sangha: The Buddhist College of Singapore

pp. 122-138

Book Reviews

  Powers of Blessing from the Wilderness and from Heaven: Structure and Transformations in the Religion of the Toraja in the Mamasa Area of South Sulawesi (review)

pp. 139-142

  Indonesian Literature vs. New Order Orthodoxy: The Aftermath of 1965-1966 (review)

pp. 143-145

  Asian and Pacific Cosmopolitans: Self and Subject in Motion (review)

pp. 146-150

  Challenging the Limits: Indigenous Peoples of the Mekong Region (review)

pp. 151-159