restricted access   Volume 27, Number 2, Spring 1996

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From: New Literary History

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Special Issue: Problems of Otherness: Historical and Contemporary

On the Margins of Otherness: Metamorphosis and Identity in Homer, Ovid, Sidney, and Milton

pp. 167-184

Enabling Paradoxes: Gender Difference and Systems Theory

pp. 185-197

Heuristic Steps for Negotiating Ethno-National Conflicts: Vignettes from Estonia

pp. 199-212

Performing Marginality: The Place of the Player and of "Woman" in Early Modern Japanese Culture

pp. 213-225

"The Boys are Pickpockets, and the Girl is a Prostitute": Gender and Juvenile Criminality in Early Victorian England from Oliver Twist to London Labour

pp. 227-249

from The Life of the Writer and The Life of the Career: First Principles and "Transformations of Play"

pp. 251-257

The Madness of Art: Henry James's "The Middle Years"

pp. 259-262

Notes on Representation and the Nonfiction Film

pp. 263-270

Why Are Our Pictures Puzzles? Some Thoughts on Writing Excessively

pp. 271-290

"Digging the Pit of Babel": Retranslating Franz Kafka's Castle

pp. 291-311

Chinese American Literature Beyond the Horizon

pp. 313-328

The Path to Gertrude Stein in Contemporary Post-Soviet Culture

pp. 329-336

Fin de siecle, Fin de sexe: Transsexuality, Postmodernism, and the Death of History

pp. 337-349


pp. 351-352

Books Received

pp. 353-356