restricted access   Volume 26, Number 2, Spring 1995

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From: New Literary History

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What Difference Does Anti-Foundationalism Make to Political Theory?

pp. 225-237

SalomeĀ©: The Fetishization of a Textual Corpus

pp. 239-260

Derrida, Husserl, and the Structural Affinity between the "Text" and the Market

pp. 261-282

Codes of Law and Bodies of Color

pp. 283-308

Dorothy Wordsworth's Return to Tintern Abbey

pp. 309-322

Domesticating the School Story, Regendering a Genre: Alcott's Little Men

pp. 323-342

Research, Essay, Failure (Flaubert's Itinerary)

pp. 343-357

Demands of History: Narrative Crisis in Jude the Obscure

pp. 359-378

Speaking about Genre: The Case of Concrete Poetry

pp. 379-393

Complementary Viewpoints: Some Thoughts on Binocular Vision in Mathematical Modeling and Latin Paleography

pp. 395-417

Availing the Physics of Least Action

pp. 419-442

The Effect of Paternal Deprivation on the Capacity to Modulate Aggression

pp. 443-454


pp. 455-458


pp. 459-460

Books Received

pp. 461-464