restricted access   Volume 26, Number 1, Winter 1995

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From: New Literary History

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Optics and Power in the Novel

pp. 3-20

The Graphic Unconscious: A Response

pp. 21-28

Making the World Safe for Narratology: A Reply to Dorrit Cohn

pp. 29-33

Reply to John Bender and Mark Seltzer

pp. 35-37

Women, Subjectivity, and the Rhetoric of Anti-Humanism in Feminist Film Theory

pp. 39-56

"Am I That Name": Reply to Deborah Knight

pp. 57-62

The Rhetoric of Theory: Responses to Toril Moi

pp. 63-70

Aesthetic Narratives

Going Bird Meets Cougar-Asleep-on-Tree-Branch

pp. 73-86

Mineral Light, Journey to the Self

pp. 87-94

The Sublime and Modern Architecture: Unmasking (an Aesthetic of) Abstraction

pp. 95-110

Audiovisual Culture and Interdisciplinary Knowledge

pp. 111-121

Dramatizing the Failure to Jump the Culture/Nature Gap: The Films of Peter Greenaway

pp. 123-143

On Memory

The Body, Sensoria, and Self of the Powerless: Remembering/"Re-Membering" Indian Untouchable Women

pp. 147-168

Embodied Memory, Transcendence, and Telling: Recounting Trauma, Re-establishing the Self

pp. 169-195

Memory and Identity

pp. 197-203

Subjectivity in the Twentieth Century

pp. 205-217


pp. 219-220

Books Received

pp. 221-224