restricted access   Volume 82, Number 1, Winter 2009

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From: Anthropological Quarterly

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From the Editors

Introducing Polygot Perspectives

pp. 5-6


The Beggar's Play: Poverty, Coercion, and Performance in Shenyang, China

pp. 7-35

African "Soul Brothers" in the 'Hood: Immigration, Islam, and the Black Encounter

pp. 37-62

From Inscription to Incorporation: The Body in Literacy Studies


pp. 63-67

Crip Walk, Villain Dance, Pueblo Stroll: The Embodiment of Writing in African American Gang Dance

pp. 69-97

The Blood-Stained Text in Translation: Tattooing, Bodily Writing, and Performance of Chinese Virtue

pp. 99-127

Writing the Body: Cosmology, Orthography, and Fragments of Modernity in Northeastern India

pp. 129-154

Reflecting on Words and Letters from the Perspective of Embodiment, with Commentary on Essays by Daphne Lei, Susan Phillips, and Sohini Ray

pp. 155-171

Technoscience in Islamic Societies

Islam, Fatalism, and Medical Intervention: Lessons from Egypt on the Cultivation of Forbearance (Sabr) and Reliance on God (Tawakkul)

pp. 173-196

Malaysian Modernities: Cultural Politics and the Construction of Muslim Technoscientific Identities

pp. 197-228

The Iranian Scientific Community and its Diaspora after the Islamic Revolution

pp. 229-250

Social Thought and Commentary

Dating in a Sexually Segregated Society: Embodied Practices of Online Romance in Irbid, Jordan

pp. 251-278

Mauss Redux: From Warfare's Human Toll to L'homme total

pp. 279-309

Polygot Perspectives

Peripeties tis eterotitas: I paraghoyi tis politismikis dhiaforas sti simerini Elladha [Adventures of Alterity: The Production of Cultural Difference in Modern Greece] (review)

pp. 311-330

Book Reviews

Varieties of Muslim Experience: Encounters with Arab Political and Cultural Life (review)

pp. 331-336

Drugging the Poor: Legal and Illegal Drugs and Social Inequality (review)

pp. 337-341

The Places We Share: Migration, Subjectivity, and Global Mobility (review)

pp. 343-349

Meaning and Identity in a Greek Landscape: an Archaeological Ethnography (review)

pp. 351-356

Shimmering Screens: Making Media in an Aboriginal Community (review)

pp. 357-362