restricted access   Volume 39, Number 4, Autumn 2008

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From: New Literary History

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Reexamining Literary Theories and Practices

A Secret in Spite of Itself: Recursive Meaning in Henry James’s “The Figure in the Carpet”

pp. 769-799

Reweaving the Carpet (Reading Stephan Mussil Reading James)

pp. 801-821

The Linguistic Turn Along Post-Postmodern Borders: Israeli/Palestinian Narrative Conflict

pp. 823-845

Literary Ecology and the Ethics of Texts

pp. 847-868

Between Metaphysics and Method: Mathematics and the Two Canons of Theory

pp. 869-890

Putting Tragedy to Work for the Polis: The Rhetoric of Pity and Terror, Before and After Modernity

pp. 891-902

Metaphor Revisited

pp. 903-929

The Unworkable Interface

pp. 931-955

The Social Beyond Words: The Case of Harold Garfinkel

pp. 957-969

Masculinist Theory and Romantic Authorship, Or Hawthorne, Politics, Desire

pp. 971-987

Joyce’s Scissors: Modernism and the Dissolution of the Event

pp. 989-1016


pp. 1017-1018

Books Received

pp. 1019-1021