restricted access   Volume 40, Number 1, Summer 2009

Table of Contents


The Facts of Life in Rural Counter-Reformation Tuscany

pp. 1-31

Planning the Peace and Enforcing the Surrender: Deterrence in the Allied Occupations of Germany and Japan

pp. 33-56

Review Essay

Extending the Frontiers of Transatlantic Slavery, Partially

pp. 57-70


Nature and Power: A Global History of the Environment (review)

pp. 71-72

Global Environmental History (review)

pp. 72-73

A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World (review)

pp. 73-74

Slave Systems, Ancient and Modern (review)

pp. 74-76

The Fall of the Roman Household (review)

pp. 76-77

Essays on Medieval Childhood: Responses to Recent Debates (review)

pp. 77-78

Guilds, Innovation and the European Economy, 1400-1800 (review)

pp. 78-82

Empires of Islam in Renaissance Historical Thought (review)

pp. 82-83

Sounds of the Metropolis: The 19th Century Popular Music Revolution in London, New York, Paris, and Vienna (review)

pp. 83-85

The Discourse of Legitimacy in Early Modern England (review)

pp. 85-87

The Family in Early Modern England (review)

pp. 87-89

Hunting and the Politics of Violence before the English Civil War (review)

pp. 89-90

Gender, Work and Wages in Industrial Revolution Britain (review)

pp. 91-92

Prostitution and Irish Society, 1800–1940 (review)

pp. 92-93

Growing Up in France from the Ancien Regime to the Third Republic (review)

pp. 93-95

The Stonemasons of Creuse in Nineteenth-Century Paris (review)

pp. 95-96

All Can Be Saved: Religious Tolerance and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World (review)

pp. 96-97

Crime and Justice in Late Medieval Italy (review)

pp. 98-99

Florence and Beyond: Culture, Society and Politics in Renaissance Italy: Essays in Honour of John M. Najemy (review)

pp. 99-100

Emigrant Nation: The Making of Italy Abroad (review)

pp. 100-102

Poor Relief and Welfare in Germany from the Reformation to World War I (review)

pp. 102-103

Vienna in the Age of Uncertainty: Science, Liberalism, and Private Life (review)

pp. 103-106

Jews and Other Germans: Civil Society, Religious Diversity, and Urban Politics in Breslau, 1860-1925 (review)

pp. 106-107

Black Market, Cold War: Everyday Life in Berlin, 1946-1949 (review)

pp. 107-108

Savage Barbecue: Race, Culture, and the Invention of America's First Food (review)

pp. 109-110

White People, Indians, and Highlanders: Tribal Peoples and Colonial Encounters in Scotland and America (review)

pp. 110-111

For the People: American Populist Movements from the Revolution to the 1850s (review)

pp. 111-112

Tribe, Race, History: Native Americans in Southern New England, 1780-1880 (review)

pp. 113-114

One Nation under Debt: Hamilton, Jefferson, and the History of What We Owe (review)

pp. 114-115

Women, Work, and Family in the Antebellum Mountain South (review)

pp. 115-117

The Big Tent: The Traveling Circus in Georgia, 1820-1930 (review)

pp. 117-118

House of Mourning: A Biocultural History of the Mountain Meadows Massacre (review)

pp. 119-120

Frederick Douglass: Race and the Rebirth of American Liberalism (review)

pp. 120-121

Intensely Human: The Health of the Black Soldier in the American Civil War (review)

pp. 121-122

Capital Intentions: Female Proprietors in San Francisco, 1850-1920 (review)

pp. 122-123

The Dallas Myth: The Making and Unmaking of an American City (review)

p. 124

The Race between Education and Technology (review)

pp. 125-126

Uncle Sam Wants You: World War I and the Making of the Modern American Citizen (review)

pp. 126-127

Picturing Indians: Photographic Encounters and Tourist Fantasies in H. H. Bennett's Wisconsin Dells (review)

pp. 128-129

"Closer to the Truth Than Any Fact": Memoir, Memory, and Jim Crow (review)

pp. 129-130

Love Canal Revisited: Race, Class, and Gender in Environmental Activism (review)

pp. 130-131

The Upper Country: French Enterprise in the Colonial Great Lakes (review)

pp. 131-133

Measuring the New World: Enlightenment Science and South America (review)

pp. 133-134

Indians and Leftists in the Making of Ecuador's Modern Indigenous Movements (review)

pp. 134-135

U.S. Presidents and Latin American Interventions: Pursuing Regime Change in the Cold War (review)

pp. 136-138

A Kingly Craft: Art and Leadership in Ethiopia: A Social History of Art and Visual Culture in Pre-Modern Africa (review)

pp. 138-139

The Reaper's Garden: Death and Power in the World of Atlantic Slavery (review)

pp. 139-140

The Lady of Linshui: A Chinese Female Cult (review)

pp. 141-142

The Long Partition and the Making of Modern South Asia: Refugees, Boundaries, Histories (review)

pp. 142-143