restricted access   Volume 52, Number 2, Spring 2009

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From: Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

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Evidence-Based Medicine Again

pp. 161-163

The Nature of Evidence in Evidence-Based Medicine: Guest Editors’ Introduction

pp. 164-167

Iconoclast or Creed?: Objectivism, Pragmatism, and the Hierarchy of Evidence

pp. 168-187

Justice in Health Research: What is the Role of Evidence-Based Medicine?

pp. 188-202

Sequestered Evidence and the Distortion of Clinical Practice Guidelines

pp. 203-217

Valuing Evidence: Bias and the Evidence Hierarchy of Evidence-Based Medicine

pp. 218-233

Theory-Based Medicine and the Role of Evidence: Why the Emperor Needs New Clothes, Again

pp. 234-251

Some Observations on “Observational” Research

pp. 252-263

Making the Grade: Assuring Trustworthiness in Evidence

pp. 264-275

Ethics and Evidence in Psychiatric Practice

pp. 276-288

Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Between Evidence and Absurdity

pp. 289-303

Evidence-Based Policymaking: A Critique

pp. 304-318

Evidence-Free Medicine: Forgoing Evidence in Clinical Decision Making

pp. 319-331

Essay Review

Evolution in the Post-Genome Era

pp. 332-337

Letters to the Editor

A Footnote to the Revolution in Psychiatric Diagnosis

pp. 338-341