restricted access   Volume 48, Number 1, Spring 2009

Table of Contents


A Reconstruction of an "Officially Expunged" Kingdom in Colonial South India: Panjalamkurinchi through Memory and Archaeology

pp. 1-31

Early Architectural Images from Muara Jambi on Sumatra, Indonesia

pp. 32-55

Health in Pre-Angkorian Cambodia: A Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Skeletal Remains from Phum Snay

pp. 56-78

Community Diversity at Ban Lum Khao, Thailand: Isotopic Evidence from the Skeletons

pp. 79-97

Cave Sites in Northeastern Luzon, Philippines: A Preliminary Soil Micromorphological Study

pp. 98-118

Mid-Holocene Social Interaction in Melanesia: New Evidence from Hammer-Dressed Obsidian Stemmed Tools

pp. 119-148

Radiocarbon Dates and Technological Change in Salt Production at the Site of Zhongba in the Three Gorges, China

pp. 149-181

Ceramic Production in Shang Societies of Anyang

pp. 182-203

Book Review

Extinction & Biogeography of Tropical Pacific Birds (review)

pp. 204-206