restricted access   Number 28 (Volume 13, Number 1), March 2009

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From: Small Axe

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Reconstructing Womanhood: A Future Beyond Empire- A Symposium Honoring Hazel V. Carby

Guest Editors: Saidiya Hartman and Tina Campt

Preface: The Paradox of Beginnings

pp. vii-xiv

Obeah Acts: Producing and Policing the Boundaries of Religion in the Caribbean

pp. 1-18

Reconstructing Womanhood

A Future Beyond Empire: An Introduction

pp. 19-26

Lost (and Found?) in Translation

pp. 27-40

Oceans Apart

pp. 41-49

Paranoid Empire: Specters from Guantánamo and Abu Ghraib

pp. 50-74

Reconstructing Manhood; or, The Drag of Black Masculinity

pp. 75-89

The Stranger’s Work

pp. 90-97

Autobiography Out of Empire

pp. 98-111

“But Bogle Was a Bold Man”: Vision, History, and Power for a New Jamaica

pp. 112-134

The West Indian Front Room: Reflections on a Diasporic Phenomenon

pp. 135-156

Memories of Colonization: The Kidd Diptychs, 1995/2008

pp. 157-169

The Residue of Memory

pp. 170-180

Amendments: Digital Griots as Traces of Resistance

pp. 181-191

Book Discussion

Locating the Transnational in Postwar African American History

pp. 192-202

Woman Overboard: The Perils of Sailing the Black Atlantic, Deportation with Prejudice

pp. 203-216

Sisters Outside: Tracing the Caribbean/Black Radical Intellectual Tradition

pp. 217-229



pp. 230-233