restricted access   Volume 20, Number 2, June 2009

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From: Journal of World History

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Islam at the Center: Technological Complexes and the Roots of Modernity

pp. 165-186

Plants and Progress: Rethinking the Islamic Agricultural Revolution

pp. 187-206

The End of a Silver Era: The Consequences of the Breakdown of the Spanish Peso Standard in China and the United States, 1780s–1850s

pp. 207-244

The "Pursuits of the Civilized Man": Race and the Meaning of Civilization in the United States and Australia, 1790s–1850s

pp. 245-272

Book Reviews

Bound Together: How Traders, Preachers, Adventurers, and Warriors Shaped Globalization (review)

pp. 273-275

Childhood in World History (review)

pp. 276-279

The Flaming Womb: Repositioning Women in Early Modern Southeast Asia (review)

pp. 279-281

Almost All Aliens: Immigration, Race, and Colonialism in American History and Identity (review)

pp. 282-284

From Arrival to Incorporation: Migrants to the U.S. in a Global Era, and: Letters across Borders: The Epistolary Practices of International Migrants (review)

pp. 284-288

Artillery of Heaven: American Missionaries and the Failed Conversion of the Middle East (review)

pp. 289-292

The British Empire: Themes and Perspectives (review)

pp. 293-296

The Devil's Handwriting: Precoloniality and the German Colonial State in Qingdao, Samoa, and Southwest Africa (review)

pp. 296-298

Japanese and Chinese Immigrant Activists: Organizing in American and International Communist Movements, 1919-1933 (review)

pp. 299-301

A Discontented Diaspora: Japanese Brazilians and the Meanings of Ethnic Militancy, 1960-1980 (review)

pp. 302-303

Embattled Avant-Gardes: Modernism's Resistance to Commodity Culture in Europe (review)

pp. 304-306

Global Electrification: Multinational Enterprise and International Finance in the History of Light and Power, 1878-2007 (review)

pp. 306-308