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From: Journal of American Folklore

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Telling Treasure Tales: Commemoration and Consciousness in Dominica

pp. 127-147

Humor, Unlaughter, and Boundary Maintenance

pp. 148-171

Constituting Folklore: A Case for Critical Folklore Studies

pp. 172-196

Sound Reviews

New Sea Chantey Compilations On Compact Disc

pp. 197-210

Yiddish Radio Project (Original Radio Broadcast) (review)

pp. 210-212

Any Mummers Allowed?, and: From Sagebrush to Steppe, and: The Radio Ballads: Thirty Years of Conflict (review)

pp. 212-217

Film and Video Review

Recent Documentaries about the Iraq War

pp. 218-223

Book Reviews

Epics, Music, and Shamans in Central Asia and Southern Siberia

pp. 224-228

Lucifer Ascending: The Occult in Folklore and Popular Culture (review)

pp. 228-229

Putting a Song on Top of It: Expression and Identity on the San Carlos Apache Reservation (review)

pp. 229-230

The Serpent and the Spirit: Glenn Summerford’s Story (review)

pp. 230-232

Exploring Roots Music: Twenty Years of the JEMF Quarterly (review)

pp. 232-233

The Study of European Ethnology in Austria (review)

pp. 233-234

Matzoh Ball Gumbo: Culinary Tales of the Jewish South (review)

pp. 235-236

Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore and Literature: A Handbook (review)

pp. 237-238

Pin-Up Grrrls: Feminism, Sexuality, Popular Culture (review)

pp. 239-240

Hans Christian Andersen: The Misunderstood Storyteller, and: The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen: A New Translation from the Danish (review)

pp. 240-241

The English Year: A Month-by-Month Guide to the Nation’s Customs and Festivals from May Day to Mischief Night (review)

pp. 242-243

The Borderlands of Culture: Américo Paredes and the Transnational Imaginary, and: The Legacy of Américo Paredes (review)

pp. 243-245

Intersecting Journeys: The Anthropology of Pilgrimage and Tourism (review)

pp. 245-246

Off the Edge: Experiments in Cultural Analysis (review)

pp. 246-247


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