restricted access   Volume 3, Issue 2, 2002

Table of Contents

From: Nepantla: Views from South

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Special Issue: Critical Conjunctions Foundations of Colony and Formations of Modernity

Introduction: Colonialism, Modernity, Colonial Modernities

pp. 197-219

World-System and "Trans"-Modernity

pp. 221-244

Eurocentrism, Modern Knowledges, and the "Natural" Order of Global Capital

pp. 245-268

The Social Sciences, Epistemic Violence, and the Problem of the "Invention of the Other"

pp. 269-285

Reading a Silence: The "Indian" in the Era of Zapatismo

pp. 287-314

Between Anthropology and History: Manuel Gamio and Mexican Anthropological Modernity (1916-1935)

pp. 315-331

Mapping Oppositions: Enchanted Spaces and Modern Places

pp. 333-350

Postmodern Geographies of the U.S. South

pp. 351-371

Orientalism, Anti-Orientalism, Relativism

pp. 373-390

Uncertain Dominance: The Colonial State and Its Contradictions (With Notes on the History of Early British India)

pp. 391-406

Henry S. Maine: History and Antiquity in Law

pp. 407-422

Book Review

Another Reason: Science and the Imagination of Modern India (review)

pp. 423-428


pp. 429-431