restricted access   Volume 1, Issue 1, 2000

Table of Contents

From: Nepantla: Views from South

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Introduction: From Cross-Genealogies and Subaltern Knowledges to Nepantla

pp. 1-8

Position Papers

Subaltern Studies and Postcolonial Historiography

pp. 9-32

The Dilemma of Subaltern Studies at Duke

pp. 33-44

Cross-Genealogies in Latin American and South Asian Subaltern Studies

pp. 45-58

The Figure of Subalternity and the Neoliberal Future

pp. 59-89


Multiple Critique: Islamic Feminist Rhetorical Strategies

pp. 91-110

Hybridity in a Transnational Frame: Latin-Americanist and Postcolonial Perspectives on Cultural Studies

pp. 111-137

Subalternity and the Neoliberal Habitus : Thinking Insurrection on the El Salvador/South Central Interface

pp. 139-170

The Fungibility of Borders

pp. 171-190


The Location of Americo Paredes's Border Thinking

pp. 191-195

Interview with Americo Paredes

pp. 197-228

Documents: A Chilean Conversation on University Discourse

Conversation on Willy Thayer's The Unmodern Crisis of the Modern University

pp. 229-254

The Language of Criticism: How to Speak Difference?

pp. 255-262

The Possibility of Criticism: A Response to Nelly Richard's "The Language of Criticism: How to Speak Difference?"

pp. 263-267

Review of The Unmodern Crisis of the Modern University

pp. 269-277

Reflections on the University

pp. 279-282