restricted access   Volume 80, Number 5, October 2008

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From: Human Biology

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New Editorial Team

p. 471


Poisson Variations of the Sex Ratio at Birth in African Demographic Surveys

pp. 473-482

Alu Polymorphic Insertions Reveal Genetic Structure of North Indian Populations

pp. 483-499

Genetic Diversity of Serum Proteins in Some Muslim Populations of India

pp. 501-512

Effects of Isolation and Inbreeding on Human Quantitative Traits: An Example of Biochemical Markers of Hemostasis and Inflammation

pp. 513-533

Cranial Discrete Traits in a Byzantine Population and Eastern Mediterranean Population Movements

pp. 535-564

Brief Communications

Mitochondrial Haplogroup U2d Phylogeny and Distribution

pp. 565-571

Distribution of Hemoglobin Phenotypes in Four Different Districts of Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil

pp. 573-579

Haplotype and AGG Interspersion Analysis of FMR1 Alleles in a Croatian Population: No Founder Effect Detected in Patients with Fragile X Syndrome

pp. 581-587