restricted access   Volume 80, Number 4, August 2008

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From: Human Biology

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Accuracy of Molecular Dating with the Rho Statistic: Deviations from Coalescent Expectations Under a Range of Demographic Models

pp. 335-357

Fertility Transition: Forecast for Demography

pp. 359-376

Surname Analysis in Biological Anthropology: Alpine Populations in the 17th and 18th Centuries

pp. 377-391

Head Shape and Size of Adult Males as Possible Indicators of Childhood Stress in Northern Jordan (1900–1978): A Study in Human Biology and Political Economy

pp. 393-407

Genetic Variation and Structure of the People of Uttarakhand, Central Himalayas, India

pp. 409-434

Substructure of a Tunisian Berber Population as Inferred from 15 Autosomal Short Tandem Repeat Loci

pp. 435-448

MDR1 C3435T Polymorphism in Mexican Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and in Healthy Individuals

pp. 449-455

Polymorphism of CYP1A1*2C, GSTM1*0, and GSTT1*0 in a Mexican Mestizo Population: A Similitude Analysis

pp. 457-465