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From: Jewish Quarterly Review

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Name Calling: Thinking about (the Study of) Judaism in Late Antiquity

pp. 1-5

Review Essays

Rethinking Jewish Christianity: An Argument for Dismantling a Dubious Category (to which is Appended a Correction of my Border Lines)

pp. 7-36

No More Clever Titles: Observations on Some Recent Studies of Jewish-Christian Relations in the Roman World

pp. 37-55

Sunt Lachrymae Rerum

pp. 56-64

Judaism in Antiquity: Ethno-Religion or National Identity

pp. 65-73

Augustine as Revolutionary?: Reflections on Continuity and Rupture in Jewish–Christian Relations in Paula Fredriksen's Augustine and the Jews

pp. 74-87

The Exegetical Narrative: New Directions

pp. 88-106

Review Forum: on Peter Schafer's Jesus in the Talmud

Jesus in Sasanian Babylonia

pp. 107-112

Embarrassment and Riches

pp. 113-119


The Limits of "Their Laws": Ancient Rabbinic Controversies about Jewishness (and Non-Jewishness)

pp. 121-157



p. 159

Recent Dissertations in Jewish Studies

Recent Dissertations