restricted access   Volume 40, Number 1, Spring 2009

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From: Research in African Literatures

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Oral Literature and Identity Formation in Africa and the Diaspora

Isidore Okpewho and Funso Aiyejina, Guest Editors



pp. vii-xxiii

Affirming the Subaltern: The Contribution of J. D. Elder

pp. 1-7

An Oral Philosophy of Personhood: Comments on Philosophy and Orality

pp. 8-18

Subversion of Patriarchal Ideology: A Case Study of Magdalene, a Woman Oral Narrative Performer from the Samburu of Kenya

pp. 19-26

Asante Traditions and Female Self-Assertion: Sister Abena’s Narrative

pp. 27-41

Niger and Sarraounia: One Hundred Years of Forgetting Female Leadership

pp. 42-56

Oral Literature as Moral Guide: “Sunba” in Contemporary Media

pp. 57-73

Negotiating Time, Space, and Spirit: A Case Study of Oral Tradition and the Construction of Lineage Identity in West Africa

pp. 74-85

Verbal Miscues or Cultural Agency? Icheoku: An Introduction

pp. 86-96

African Diaspora Vernacular Traditions and the Dilemma of Identity

pp. 97-111

African American Belief Narratives and the African Cultural Tradition

pp. 112-126

Context and Meaning in Trinidad Yoruba Songs: Peter Was a Fisherman and Songs of the Orisha Palais

pp. 127-136

Trinidad Calypso as Postmodernism in the Diaspora: Linking Rhythms, Lyrics, and the Ancestral Spirits

pp. 137-144

On Seeing Africa for the First Time: Orality, Memory, and the Diaspora in Isidore Okpewho’s Call Me by My Rightful Name

pp. 145-155

From Formalism to Ideology: Toward a Creole Narrative Grammar

pp. 156-165

Book Reviews

Women as Artists in Contemporary Zimbabwe, and: Theatre, Performance and New Media in Africa (review)

pp. 166-170

Writing from the Hearth: Public, Domestic, and Imaginative Space in Francophone Women’s Fiction of Africa and the Caribbean (review)

pp. 170-171

Between Rites and Rights: Excision in Women’s Experiential Texts and Human Contexts (review)

pp. 171-172

Manifeste d’une nouvelle littérature africaine: pour une littérature préemptive (review)

pp. 173-177

Africa Writes Back: The African Writers Series and the Launch of African Literature (review)

pp. 177-180