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From: Journal of Cold War Studies

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Editor’s Note

pp. 1-2

The Improbable Permanence of a Commitment: America’s Troop Presence in Europe during the Cold War

pp. 3-27

Explosive Challenge: Diplomatic Triangles, the United Nations, and the Problem of French Nuclear Testing, 1959–1960

pp. 28-56

Beyond Betrayal: Beijing, Moscow, and the Paris Negotiations, 1971–1973

pp. 57-107

How Able Was “Able Archer”?: Nuclear Trigger and Intelligence in Perspective

pp. 108-123

“Agents of Moscow” at the Dawn of the Cold War: The Comintern and the Communist Party of New Zealand

pp. 124-149

Book Reviews

The Warrior Image: Soldiers in American Culture from the Second World War to the Vietnam Era (review)

pp. 150-151

The Political Economy of Grand Strategy (review)

pp. 152-154

The Social Construction of Swedish Neutrality: Challenges to Swedish Identity and Sovereignty, and: Life-Line Lost: The Rise and Fall of “Neutral” Sweden’s Secret Reserve Option of Wartime Help from the West (review)

pp. 154-157

Transforming NATO in the Cold War: Challenges beyond Deterrence in the 1960s (review)

pp. 157-159

The Cold War in the Middle East: Regional Conflict and the Superpowers, 1967–73 (review)

pp. 159-161

Stalin and the Cold War in Europe: The Emergence and Development of East-West Conflict, 1939–1953 (review)

pp. 161-164

Reins of Liberation: An Entangled History of Mongolian Independence, Chinese Territoriality, and Great Power Hegemony, 1911–1950 (review)

pp. 164-165

Exploitation, Resettlement, Mass Murder: Political and Economic Planning for German Occupation Policy in the Soviet Union, 1940–1941 (review)

pp. 166-167

A Good Comrade: János Kádár, Communism and Hungary (review)

pp. 167-169

A Failed Empire: The Soviet Union in the Cold War from Stalin to Gorbachev (review)

pp. 170-172

The Demise of Marxism-Leninism in Russia (review)

pp. 172-174

Nylon Curtain: Transnational and Trans-Systemic Tendencies in the Cultural Life of State-Socialist Russia and East-Central Europe (review)

pp. 175-176

Nazi Empire-Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine (review)

pp. 177-178

Comrades! A History of World Communism (review)

pp. 179-180



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