restricted access   Volume 72, Number 4, December 2000

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From: American Literature

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Brief Mention

pp. 899-907


Merchants, Money, and the Economics of "Plain Style" in William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation

pp. 695-720

Murder by Madman: Criminal Responsibility, Law, and Judgment in Wieland

pp. 721-750

Charity Begins at Home: Stowe's Antislavery Novels and the Forms of Benevolent Citizenship

pp. 751-782

"Rabid Imperialist": Edith Wharton and the Obligations of Empire in Modern American Fiction

pp. 783-812

Engineering Power: Hoover, Rand, Pound, and the Heroic Architect

pp. 813-841

Igorots and Indians: Racial Hierarchies and Conceptions of the Savage in Carlos Bulosan's Fiction of the Philippines

pp. 843-866

Book Reviews

A History of the Book in America, Volume One: The Colonial Book in the Atlantic World (review)

pp. 867-868

The Seduction Novel of the Early Nation: A Call for Socio-Political Reform (review)

pp. 368-369

Edgar Allan Poe and the Masses: The Political Economy of Literature in Antebellum America (review)

pp. 869-870

Melville's Anatomies (review)

pp. 870-872

Inventing the "Great Awakening." (review)

pp. 872-873

Women in Chains: The Legacy of Slavery in Black Women's Fiction (review)

pp. 873-874

Disarming the Nation: Women's Writing and the American Civil War (review)

pp. 874-875

The Other Henry James (review)

pp. 875-876

Willa Cather and the Politics of Criticism (review)

pp. 876-877

Queer Poetics: Five Modernist Women Writers (review)

pp. 877-878

Making Love Modern: The Intimate Public Worlds of New York's Literary Women (review)

p. 879

Caribbean Waves: Relocating Claude McKay and Paule Marshall (review)

pp. 880-881

"A Clown in a Grave": Complexities and Tensions in the Works of Gregory Corso (review)

pp. 881-882

Poems of Pure Imagination: Robert Penn Warren and the Romantic Tradition (review)

pp. 882-883

Passionate Communities: Reading Lesbian Resistance in Jane Rule's Fiction (review)

pp. 883-884

Midcentury Quartet: Bishop, Lowell, Jarrell, Berryman, and the Making of a Postmodern Aesthetic (review)

pp. 884-885

Mailer: A Biography, and: Norman Mailer: Works and Days (review)

pp. 885-887

Quiet As It's Kept: Shame, Trauma, and Race in the Novels of Toni Morrison (review)

pp. 887-888

Neo-Slave Narratives: Studies in the Social Logic of a Literary Form (review)

pp. 888-889

Claiming a Tradition: Italian American Women Writers (review)

pp. 889-890

Bachelors, Manhood, and the Novel, 1850-1925 (review)

pp. 891-892

The Narrative Forms of Southern Community (review)

pp. 892-893

Scenes of Instruction: A Memoir (review)

pp. 893-894

Struggles for Representation: African American Documentary Film and Video (review)

pp. 894-895

Hitchcock's America (review)

pp. 895-896

Real Love: In Pursuit of Cultural Justice (review)

pp. 896-897