free access   Volume 2008

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From: Southeast Asian Affairs

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free access   Foreword

p. vii


free access   Introduction

pp. ix-xxii

The Region

free access   Southeast Asia in 2007: Domestic Concerns, Delicate Bilateral Relations, and Patchy Regionalism

pp. 3-27

free access   The Regional Economy: Looking Forward by Looking Back

pp. 28-42

free access   India's Geopolitics and Southeast Asian Security

pp. 43-60

ASEAN at Forty

free access   ASEAN at Forty: A Balance Sheet

pp. 61-70

free access   The ASEAN Charter: An Opportunity Missed or One that Cannot Be Missed?

pp. 71-85

Brunei Darussalam

free access   Brunei Darussalam: Making a Concerted Effort

pp. 89-104


free access   Cambodia: A Decade after the Coup

pp. 107-120


free access   Indonesia's Year of Living Normally: Taking the Long View on Indonesia's Progress

pp. 123-145

free access   Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises: The Challenge of Reform

pp. 146-167


free access   Laos: At the Crossroads

pp. 171-183


free access   Malaysia in 2007: Abdullah Administration under Siege

pp. 187-206

free access   The Malaysian Economy: Developments and Challenges

pp. 207-222

free access   "Developmental" States and Economic Growth at the Sub-National Level: The Case of Penang

pp. 223-244


free access   Myanmar in 2007: Growing Pressure for Change but the Regime Remains Obdurate

pp. 247-273

free access   Responding to Strategies and Programmes of Myanmar's Military Regime: An Economic Viewpoint

pp. 274-290

The Phillipines

free access   The Philippines: Weak State, Resilient President

pp. 293-312


free access   Singapore: Success at Home, Challenges from Abroad

pp. 315-330


free access   Thailand: State of Anxiety

pp. 333-356


free access   Timor-Leste: A Year of Democratic Elections

pp. 359-372


free access   Vietnam: Arriving in the World —and at a Crossroads

pp. 375-393