free access   Volume 15, Number 1, 2008

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From: China Review International

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free access   Urban Communities, State, Spatial Order, and Modernity: Studies of Imperial and Republican Beijing in Perspective

pp. 1-38

free access   An Introduction to Chinese Philosophy: From Ancient Philosophy to Chinese Buddhism (review)

pp. 39-45

free access   Reconstructing Christianity in China: K.H. Ting and the Chinese Church (review)

pp. 46-58


free access   Confucianism for the Modern World (review)

pp. 59-70

free access   What Would Confucius Do? Wisdom and Advice on Achieving Success and Getting Along with Others (review)

pp. 71-77

free access   History and Identity in Hong Kong: Resisting China’s Political Control; Embracing China as the Motherland

pp. 78-93

free access   China’s Democratic Future: How It Will Happen and Where It Will Lead (review)

pp. 94-96

free access   China’s Foreign Policy Making: Societal Force and Chinese American Policy (review)

pp. 97-100

free access   Stairway to Heaven: A Journey to the Summit of Mount Emei (review)

pp. 101-105

free access   Qing Colonial Enterprise: Ethnography and Cartography in Early Modern China (review)

pp. 106-109

free access   Negotiating Masculinities in Late Imperial China (review)

pp. 110-113

free access   A Dictionary of Cantonese Slang: The Language of Hong Kong Movies, Street Gangs and City Life (review)

pp. 114-116

free access   Try to Remember (review)

pp. 117-119

free access   A Topography of Confucian Discourse: Politco-philosophical Reflections on Confucian Discourse since Modernity (review)

pp. 120-124

free access   The Flood Myths of Early China (review)

pp. 125-131

free access   The Transformation of Chinese Socialism (review)

pp. 132-136

free access   Peking University: Chinese Scholarship and Intellectuals, 1898–1937 (review)

pp. 137-140

free access   Useless to the State: “Social Problems” and Social Engineering in Nationalist Nanjing, 1927–1937 (review)

pp. 141-145

free access   They Were in Nanjing: The Nanjing Massacre Witnessed by American and British Nationals, and: Nanking 1937: Memory and Healing (review)

pp. 146-155

free access   The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ (review)

pp. 156-159

Books Received

free access   Books Received

pp. 160-161