restricted access   Volume 94, Numbers 1-2, March-June 2008

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Louis Marshall and American Jewish Leadership

GUEST EDITOR Mark A. Raider, University of Cincinnati


pp. ix-xiii


pp. v-vii


Two Jewish Lawyers Named Louis

pp. 1-19

Louis Marshall: An American Jewish Diplomat in Paris, 1919

pp. 21-40

Louis Marshall and the Democratization of Jewish Identity

pp. 41-69

Confronting Antisemitism in America: Louis Marshall and Henry Ford

pp. 71-90

The Aristocrat and the Democrat: Louis Marshall, Stephen S. Wise and the Challenge of American Jewish Leadership

pp. 91-113

Book Reviews

You Never Call! You Never Write!: A History of the Jewish Mother (review)

pp. 115-116

Polish-Jewish Relations in North America, volume 19 of Polin: Studies in Polish Jewry (review)

pp. 116-120

American Judaism in Popular Culture (review)

pp. 120-121

Covenant of Care: Newark Beth Israel and the Jewish Hospital in America (review)

pp. 122-124

A Power among Them: Bessie Abramowitz Hillman and the Making of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America (review)

pp. 124-125

I Did It My Way: Women Remaking American Judaism (review)

pp. 126-128

Russian Jews on Three Continents: Identity, Integration, and Conflict (review)

pp. 129-131

Rabbis & Their Community: Studies in the Eastern European Orthodox Rabbinate in Montreal, 1896–1930 (review)

pp. 131-134

Singing in a Strange Land: A Jewish American Poetics (review)

pp. 135-137

Radio and the Jews: The Untold Story of How Radio Influenced America’s Image of Jews, 1920s–1950s (review)

pp. 137-139

White Ethnic New York: Jews, Catholics and the Shaping of Postwar Politics (review)

pp. 140-142