restricted access   Volume 52, Number 1, Winter 2009

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From: Perspectives in Biology and Medicine

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Darwinism and the Cultural Evolution of Sports

pp. 1-16

Kawasaki Disease in India: Increasing Awareness or Increased Incidence?

pp. 17-29

Ethics and Philosophy

Personal Morality and Professional Obligations: Rights of Conscience and Informed Consent

pp. 30-38

Creating Reflective Spaces: Interactions Between Philosophers and Biomedical Scientists

pp. 39-47

History and Biography

Who Is Dürer’s “Syphilitic Man”?

pp. 48-60

Edward Bancroft’s “Torporific Eels”

pp. 61-79

Poetry and the Brain: Cajal’s Conjectures on the Psychology of Writers

pp. 80-89

Medical Education and Practice

Medical Education and the Tyranny of Competency

pp. 90-102

Culture and Society

Death, Mourning, and Medical Progress

pp. 103-115

The Threat That Dare Not Speak Its Name: Human Extinction

pp. 116-125

Essay Reviews

The Stem-Cell Century: A New Epoch and Fresh Challenge

pp. 126-133

Down with Natural Selection?

pp. 134-140

Science Without Laws

pp. 141-152

Welcome Home, Descartes! Rethinking the Anthropology of the Body

pp. 153-158

Book Review

Inhuman Research: Medical Experiments in German Concentration Camps (review)

pp. 159-160