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Table of Contents

Rushing Into Print: "Participatory Journalism" During the Crimean War

pp. 559-586

The Sword and the Prayerbook: Ideals of Authentic Irish Manliness

pp. 587-613

Culture and Messianism: Disinterestedness in Arnold

pp. 615-639

Review Forum

Objectivity, by Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison

The Objective Self

pp. 641-647

Objectivity, Collective Sight, and Scientific Personae

pp. 648-657

Epistemological Liberalism

pp. 658-665

Response: Objectivity and Its Critics

pp. 666-677

Book Reviews

War of No Pity: The Indian Mutiny and Victorian Trauma (review)

pp. 679-681

Grand Designs: Labor, Empire, and the Museum in Victorian Culture (review)

pp. 681-682

The Novel and the Menagerie: Totality, Englishness, and Empire (review)

pp. 682-684

Victorian Animal Dreams: Representations of Animals in Victorian Literature and Culture (review)

pp. 684-686

Michael Field and Their World, and: 'Michael Field': Poetry, Aestheticism and the Fin de Siècle (review)

pp. 687-689

The Dramatic Imagination of Robert Browning: A Literary Life (review)

pp. 690-691

Cleansing the City: Sanitary Geographies in Victorian London (review)

pp. 691-693

The Citizen's Body: Desire, Health, and the Social in Victorian England (review)

pp. 693-695

Medical Lives in the Age of Surgical Revolution (review)

pp. 695-697

Darwin and the Nature of Species (review)

pp. 697-699

A Commonwealth of Knowledge: Science, Sensibility, and White South Africa 1820-2000 (review)

pp. 699-701

The Forging of Races: Race and Scripture in the Protestant Atlantic World, 1600-2000 (review)

pp. 701-702

A History of Global Anglicanism (review)

pp. 703-704

Ethics and the English Novel from Austen to Forster (review)

pp. 704-706

Victorian Literature and Finance (review)

pp. 706-709

Troubled Legacies: Narrative and Inheritance (review)

pp. 709-711

Victorian Honeymoons: Journeys to the Conjugal (review)

pp. 711-712

From Sensation to Society: Representations of Marriage in the Fiction of Mary Elizabeth Braddon, 1862-1866, and: The Nineteenth-Century English Novel: Family Ideology and Narrative Form (review)

pp. 713-715

The Marriage of Minds: Reading Sympathy in the Victorian Marriage Plot (review)

pp. 716-718

Romantic Friendship in Victorian Literature (review)

pp. 718-720

The Professional Literary Agent in Britain, 1880–1920 (review)

pp. 720-721

Cruising with Robert Louis Stevenson: Travel, Narrative, and the Colonial Body (review)

pp. 721-723

The Narcissism of Empire: Loss, Rage and Revenge in Thomas De Quincey, Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling and Isak Dinesen (review)

pp. 723-725

Ireland, Radicalism and the Scottish Highlands, c. 1870–1912 (review)

pp. 725-727

Bernard Bosanquet and the Legacy of British Idealism (review)

pp. 727-729

The Victorian Eighteenth Century: An Intellectual History (review)

pp. 729-730

The Wonderful and Surprising History of Sweeney Todd: The Life and Times of an Urban Legend (review)

pp. 731-732

Fashionable Acts: Opera and Elite Culture in London, 1780-1880 (review)

pp. 732-734

Elgar: An Anniversary Portrait, and: Edward Elgar and His World (review)

pp. 734-736

Fanny Kemble: A Performed Life (review)

pp. 736-738

Womens Albums and Photography in Victorian England: Ladies, Mothers and Flirts (review)

pp. 738-740

Medievalism: The Middle Ages in the Modern World, and: William Morriss Utopia of Strangers: Victorian Medievalism and the Ideal of Hospitality (review)

pp. 740-743

Art for Arts Sake: Aestheticism in Victorian Painting (review)

pp. 743-745

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