restricted access   Volume 20, Number 4, Winter 2008

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From: American Literary History

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Editorial Note

pp. 665-666

The Problem of Population and the Form of the American Novel

pp. 667-685

Every Document of Civilization is a Document of Barbary? Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, and Spaces Between: A Response to Nancy Armstrong and Leonard Tennenhouse

pp. 686-694

Scholarship and the State: Robert Greenhow and Transnational American Studies 1848/2008

pp. 695-722

A Response to Anna Brickhouse

pp. 723-727

Frank Webb's Still Life: Rethinking Literature and Politics through The Garies and Their Friends

pp. 728-752

Still Life, with Bones: A Response to Samuel Otter

pp. 753-765

Moments of Faith

pp. 766-787

A Response to Thomas Allen

pp. 788-793

Print, Prosthesis, (Im)Personation: Morrison's Jazz and the Limits of Literary History

pp. 794-806

A Response to Maurice Wallace

pp. 807-813

The Occupation of Form: (Re)theorizing Literary History

pp. 814-835

Capitalizing Form: The Globalization of the Literary Field: A Response to David Palumbo-Liu

pp. 836-844

Intuitionists: History and the Affective Event

pp. 845-860

The Intuitionist and Pattern Recognition: A Response to Lauren Berlant

pp. 861-869

What is Your Heart For?: Affect and Internationalism in the Evangelical Public Sphere

pp. 870-895

Evangelicalism Nearsighted: A Response to Melani McAlister

pp. 896-900