restricted access   Volume 52, Number 2, 2009

Table of Contents


John Middleton Murry's Editorial Apprenticeships: Getting Modernist "Rhythm" into the Athenaeum, 1919–1921

pp. 123-143

Changes in Kipling's Fiction Upon His Return to Britain

pp. 144-159

Colonialism in R. L. Stevenson's South Seas Fiction: "Child's Play" in the Pacific

pp. 160-181

The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad: A Review Essay

pp. 182-195

The Penguin Editions of Conrad's Novels: A Review Essay

pp. 196-209

Book Reviews

"Who Was That Man?"

pp. 210-216

Very Big China—And Shaw? Very Droll

pp. 216-219

Pinero's Tanqueray

pp. 220-221

Mist & Mystery in Pre-1914 London

pp. 221-225

Literary Modernism, Bioscience & Community

pp. 225-228

WW I & Essays on Book History

pp. 228-231

Cambridge Companion to the Fin de Siècle

pp. 231-236

Another New Book on "Michael Field"

pp. 236-239

A Cambridge Companion: Modernist Poetry

pp. 239-243

Ezra Pound: Imagist & Icon

pp. 243-245

Précis Reviews

pp. 246-248