restricted access   Volume 9, Number 1, January 2002

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From: Modernism/modernity

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Recent Books of Interest

pp. 203-204


The Follies of War: Cross-Dressing and Popular Theatre on the British Front Lines, 1914-18

pp. 1-20

"The Cult of the Clitoris": Anatomy of a National Scandal

pp. 21-49

"Kiss Me, Hardy": Intimacy, Gender, and Gesture in First World War Trench Literature

pp. 51-74

"A Peculiar Power and Rottenness": Annihilating Desire in James Hanley's The German Prisoner

pp. 75-89

Authenticity and Art in Trauma Narratives of World War I

pp. 91-107

Mary Borden's Forbidden Zone : Women's Writing from No-Man's-Land

pp. 109-124

Mrs. Dalloway's Postwar Elegy: Women, War, and the Art of Mourning

pp. 125-163

Review Essays

Sexual Modernity as Subject and Object

pp. 165-175

The Stieglitz Circle Retraced

pp. 177-184

Book Reviews

Writing History, Writing Trauma (review)

pp. 185-187

French Modernisms: Perspectives on Art Before, During, and After Vichy (review)

pp. 187-189

In the Process of Poetry: The New York School and the Avant-Garde (review)

pp. 189-191

Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde (review)

pp. 191-192

Displaying the Marvelous: Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, and Surrealist Exhibition Installations (review)

pp. 193-194

Science is Fiction: The Films of Jean Painleve (review)

pp. 195-196

Weimar Cinema and After: Germany's Historical Imaginary (review)

pp. 197-198

The Madonna of the Future: Essays in a Pluralistic Art World (review)

pp. 198-200

Faking Literature (review)

pp. 200-202