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From: Eighteenth-Century Life

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Editor's Note

p. 1

Review Essays

Not Just Another Pretty Commodity

pp. 3-8

Pious Times and Priestcraft Begin Again: The Upright Sexuality of the Enlightenment

pp. 9-18

A Canon of Our Own

pp. 19-27

Misreading Run Riot

pp. 28-33

The Seamier Side of Eighteenth-Century France

pp. 34-36

Ye Jacobites by Name?

pp. 37-43

Emotional Display and National Identity

pp. 44-47

Scotland and Naples: Two Contexts, One Enlightenment

pp. 48-53

Highlandisms: The Expanding Scope of Eighteenth-Century Scottish Studies

pp. 54-60

Richard Sher's Bookish Scottish Enlightenment

pp. 61-66

Ireland and Books

pp. 67-70

The Denaturalization of Economic Thought

pp. 71-73

The Female Spectator and the New Story of Eliza Haywood

pp. 74-82

J. G. A. Pocock and the History of British Political Thought: Assessing the State of the Art

pp. 83-96

Understanding Whores

pp. 97-105

Less Is More: The Modernity of the Early Modern Essay

pp. 106-110

The Consuming Subject and the Visual Culture of War

pp. 111-115

Incle and Yarico and The Incas: Two Plays by John Thelwall

pp. 116-119

Company Affairs

pp. 120-124

Local History from Below

pp. 125-131

The Secret History of Almost Everything

pp. 132-137

"The Call of the Popular" Revisited; Or, English Literary History's Resistance to Balladry Corrected

pp. 138-143

Colonial Sexual Cultures

pp. 144-147

Matters of Style in the French Eighteenth Century

pp. 148-152

Jan van der Heyden (1637–1712): The Dutch Canaletto

pp. 153-155

Illustrating Sterne

pp. 156-160