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Table of Contents


Why Live?: Performance in the Age of Digital Reproduction

pp. 7-8

Articles and Notes

Listening to History: Some Proposals for Reclaiming the Practice of Live Music

pp. 9-16

When Sound Meets Movement: Performance in Electronic Dance Music

pp. 17-20

The Musical Experience through the Lens of Embodiment

pp. 21-24

Getting the Hands Dirty

pp. 25-31

Sound Jewelry

pp. 33-37

Artists' Statements

A Cure for Musicians Afflicted with Baumol's Disease: Squeezing More Music out of Performance in the Age of Digital Reproduction

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p. 40

Stage, A Final Frontier

p. 41

Antecedents of Digital Reproduction in Jazz Improvisation

pp. 41-42

Travelers inside Pianos: Spurious Landscapes

pp. 42-43

On Missing the Live of the Everyday Ambient

pp. 43-44

Collaborative Creation, Live Performance and Flock

pp. 44-45

More Articles and Notes

Whale Music: Anatomy of an Interspecies Duet

pp. 47-53

Eavesdropping: Network Mediated Performance in Social Space

pp. 55-58

Structure in the Dimension of Liveness and Mediation

pp. 59-61

The Hypothesis of Self-Organization for Musical Tuning Systems

pp. 63-69

The Biography of the Sample: Notes on the Hidden Contexts of Acousmatic Art

pp. 71-75

Glenn Gould, the Vanishing Performer and the Ambivalence of the Studio

pp. 77-83

LMJ18 CD Companion Why Record? Life in the Age of Digital Performance

Tracklist and Credits

pp. 86-87

Why Record?: Life in the Age of Digital Performance

pp. 88-96

CD Contributors' Notes

Terumi Narushima: He resonates five toes . . .

p. 89

Theconcatenator: Placard XP edit

pp. 89-90

PowerBooks_unPlugged: Globophagia no 1.

p. 90

Moscow Laptop Cyber Orchestra (CybOrk): Cyberjam0307

pp. 90-91

Jose Ignacio Lopez Ramírez-Gastón (El Lazo Invisible): Madrid 5 No Espera a Nadie

pp. 91-92

slub: Phone_Mr_Biskov

p. 92

Mazen Kerbaj: VRRRT

pp. 92-93

Barnwave: Prancing

pp. 93-94

Federico Schumacher: Print . . . ?

p. 94

Shelly Knotts: Chordophonia

p. 94

Kassen: Ill at ease at home?

pp. 94-95

Yunasi: Kumbe Kumbe

p. 95

Thor Magnusson and Rúnar Magnússon: Giooia—a variation of SameSameButDifferent v.02—Iceland

pp. 95-96

Rohan Drape: Piano & Sine Tones #15

p. 96

Wang Changcun: 2008020912

p. 96

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Leonardo Network News

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