restricted access   Issue 66, Autumn 2008

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Articles and Essays

Organic Intellectuals in the Dark Ages?

pp. 1-17

Response to Janet L. Nelson's Organic Intellectuals in the Dark Ages

pp. 18-20

Imagining Insurrection in Seventeenth- Century England: Representations of the Midland Rising of 1607

pp. 21-61

Necessity and Rage: the Factory Women's Strikes in Bermondsey, 1911

pp. 62-80

The Mystery of the Cannon Chains: Remembrance in the Irish Countryside

pp. 81-106

Buried Monuments: Yiddish Songs and Holocaust Memory

pp. 107-128

The German Empire: an Empire?

pp. 129-162

Archives and Sources

Orton in the Archives

pp. 163-179

Coming Out in the Archives: the Hall-Carpenter Archives at the London School of Economics

pp. 180-184

Feature: Josephine Butler's Legacy? Sexualities and Colonialisms Between the Two World Wars


pp. 185-187

Metaphors of the Schoolroom: Women Working the Mandates System of the League of Nations

pp. 188-207

'Imperial Reason', National Honour and New Patriarchal Compacts in early twentieth-century India

pp. 208-226


Gazing at the Stars

pp. 227-236

Tucking into History

pp. 237-242

After Deaths, After-Lives

pp. 242-252

The Invention of the Scold

pp. 253-258

Whither African History?

pp. 259-265


pp. 265-271

Missing Dates: Theatre Workshop in History

pp. 272-279

Caribbean Kinship from Within and Without

pp. 279-288

Somebody's Bairns

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