restricted access   Number 27 (Volume 12, Number 3), October 2008

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From: Small Axe

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Haiti Now!

Guest-edited by Charles Forsdick, Martin Munro, and Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw

Preface: Paths Are Made By Walking

pp. v-viii

Interpreting 2004: Politics, Memory, Scholarship

pp. 1-13

Turning the Tide: The Problem of Popular Insurgency in Haitian Revolutionary Historiography

pp. 14-31

Fictions of Displacement: Locating Modern Haitian Narratives

pp. 32-41

Interdependence and Intertextuality in Lyonel Trouillot's Bicentenaire

pp. 42-52


pp. 53-57

Haitian Revolutions in Literature: The Case of Linguistic and Visual Inventiveness in Frankétienne

pp. 58-70

Home Is Where the Heart Is: Danticat's Landscapes of Return

pp. 71-82

Joshua Tree

pp. 83-86

Cinema in Haiti

pp. 87-93

Contemporary Art as Cultural Product in the Context of Haiti

pp. 94-104

Ba'm dlo

pp. 105-117

In Remembrance of Aimé Césaire

Aimé Césaire: The Poet's Passion

pp. 118-123

Homage to Aimé Césaire

pp. 124-127

Forty Years with Césaire, 1968–2008

pp. 128-141

Book Discussion

The Continental Conversations of Edouard Duval Carrié

pp. 142-150

On Reading Continental Shifts and Considering the Works of Edouard Duval Carrié

pp. 151-164

Navigating Between the Continents: Further Thoughts on Edouard Duval Carrié's Work

pp. 165-174



pp. 175-178



p. iv