restricted access   Volume 5, Issue 2-3, 2008

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From: Comparative Critical Studies

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Guest Editors: Lucia Boldrini and Florian Mussgnug

Notes on Contributors

pp. v-ix

Guest Editors’ Introduction

pp. 115-124

Folly: Essays

The Folly of Poetry

pp. 125-140

Stultitia loquitur: Fiction and Folly in Early Modern Literature

pp. 141-151

Monstrous Conceptions: Sex, Madness and Gender in Medieval Medical Texts

pp. 153-163

Glossolalic Folly

pp. 165-177

The Furies of Orestes: Constructing Persecutory Agency in Narratives of Exile

pp. 179-192

Literature and the Politics of Madness: On the Twentieth-Century Reception of Friedrich Hölderlin in France and Germany

pp. 193-206

Analyzing Surrealist Madness Through the Poetry of Salvador Dalí

pp. 207-220

Dreams, Nightmares, and Lunacy in En rade: Odilon Redon’s Pictorial Inspiration in the Writings of J.-K. Huysmans

pp. 221-233

Explanations on the Edge of Reason: Lichtenberg’s Difficulties Describing Hogarth’s View of Bedlam

pp. 235-247

Bibliomania and the Folly of Reading

pp. 249-269

‘Where Ignorance is Bliss’: The Folly of Origins in Gray and Hardy

pp. 271-288

Red Flowers and a Shabby Coat: Russian Literature and the Presentation of ‘Madness’ in Virginia Woolf ’s Mrs Dalloway

pp. 289-300

‘It is not the fully conscious mind which chooses West Africa in preference to Switzerland’: The Rhetoric of the Mad African Forest in Conrad, Céline and Greene

pp. 301-315

The New Praise of Folly

pp. 317-326

Book Reviews

Narrative Causalities (review)

pp. 327-330

The Reception of Walter Pater in Europe (review)

pp. 330-332

Surprised in Translation, and: Stylistic Approaches to Translation (review)

pp. 333-335

Phrase and Subject: Studies in Literature and Music (review)

pp. 335-339

Kontroversen in der Literaturtheorie/Literaturtheorie in der Kontroverse (review)

pp. 339-344