restricted access   Volume 14, Issue 3, Fall 2008

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From: Common Knowledge

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Refoundation as Survival: An Interrogation of Hannah Arendt

pp. 353-364

The Trouble with Cephalopoda

pp. 365-373

The Case of “The Yellow Notebook”: Wittgenstein in Leningrad

pp. 374-379


Devalued Currency: Elegiac Symposium on Paradigm Shifts

Introduction: From Scratch

pp. 380-383

Moving Constants — in the West: A Response to “Change at Ise Jingū”

pp. 384-395

An Elegy for Nīti: Politics as a Secular Discursive Field in the Indian Old Régime

pp. 396-423

What Giordano Bruno Left Behind: Rome, 1600

pp. 424-433

Missing Years: On Casualties in English Literary History, Prior to Pope

pp. 434-444

Modernism’s Love Child: The Story of Happy Architectures

pp. 445-471

Fiction and Poetry

More Nouvelles

pp. 472-477

Five Poems

pp. 478-483

Little Reviews

The Story of Tibet: Conversations with the Dalai Lama (review)

p. 484

What Was History? The Art of History in Early Modern Europe (review)

pp. 485-486

The Political Imagination in History: Essays concerning J. G. A. Pocock (review)

p. 487

Editing Early Modern Texts: An Introduction to Principles and Practice (review)

p. 488

Unsettling Opera: Staging Mozart, Verdi, Wagner, and Zemlinsky (review)

p. 489

Neomedievalism, Neoconservatism, and the War on Terror (review)

pp. 489-490

The Proprietary Church in the Medieval West (review)

pp. 490-491

William James in the Maelstrom of American Modernism (review)

pp. 491-492

My Unwritten Books (review)

pp. 492-494

Science without Laws: Model Systems, Cases, Exemplary Narratives (review)

p. 494

Vital Nourishment: Departing from Happiness (review)

p. 495

Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution (review)

pp. 495-496

Dark Hope: Working for Peace in Israel and Palestine (review)

pp. 496-497

Peace Be upon You: The Story of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Coexistence (review)

pp. 497-498

War in Human Civilization (review)

p. 498

Avant-Garde Fascism: The Mobilization of Myth, Art, and Culture in France, 1909 – 1939 (review)

p. 499

The Political Economy of Virtue: Luxury, Patriotism, and the Origins of the French Revolution (review)

pp. 499-500

The Chevalier de Saint-Georges: Virtuoso of the Sword and the Bow (review)

pp. 500-501

James “Athenian” Stuart: The Rediscovery of Antiquity (review)

p. 501

Philosophy the Day after Tomorrow (review)

pp. 501-502

On Form: Poetry, Aestheticism, and the Legacy of a Word (review)

p. 502

Pots and Plays: Interactions between Tragedy and Greek Vase-painting of the Fourth Century B.C (review)

p. 503

Hellenistic Egypt: Monarchy, Society, Economy, Culture (review)

pp. 503-504

Subjectivity: Ethnographic Investigations (review)

pp. 504-505

The Order of Evils: Toward an Ontology of Morals (review)

p. 505

Planet of Slums (review)

p. 506


Notes on Contributors

pp. 507-511