restricted access   Volume 115, Number 4, September 2000 (French Issue)

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Books Received: 1998-2000

pp. 843-848

Special Thematic Grouping: Encore Malrau

Economies of Lethal Emotions in La Condition humaine

pp. 573-599

The Blue of the Sea: Merleau-Ponty, Malraux, and Modern Painting

pp. 600-618

La Lecon de separation

pp. 619-648

L'Asie fantome : or, Malraux's Inhuman Condition

pp. 649-661

The Dandy and the Commissar: Notes on the History of Culture

pp. 662-689

Other Articles

Libidinal Economy and Gender Trouble in Marivaux's La Fausse Suivante

pp. 690-713

Reading Forgiveness and Forgiving Reading: Antonin Artaud's Correspondance avec Jacques Riviere

pp. 714-740

Elle et Elle: Antoinette Fouque et Simone de Beauvoir

pp. 741-760

"Herodias," or the Self-Annihilation of the Absolute Work

pp. 761-782

"Ces Dames du Cirque": A Taxonomy of Male Desire in Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Art

pp. 783-800

Review Essay

The Eclipse of Desire: L'Affaire Houellebecq

pp. 801-826


What is a Woman?: And Other Essays (review)

pp. 827-830

Le Livre du Voir Dit (Le Dit veridique) (review)

pp. 830-834

Maurice Maeterlinck and the Making of Modern Theatre (review)

pp. 834-839


pp. 840-842