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From: Pedagogy

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Professional Development

Barbara Schneider

Editor's Note

A Note from the Editors

pp. 403-404


Guest Editor's Introduction: Teaching to the Choir

pp. 405-412


Local Initiatives

Teaching Circles: Supporting Shared Work and Professional Development

pp. 413-431

Writing Program Administration and Faculty Professional Development: Which Faculty? What Development?

pp. 433-445

The In-House Conference: A Strategy for Disrupting Order and Shifting Identities

pp. 447-465

Rhetoricians, Facilitators, Models: Interviews with Technology Trainers

pp. 467-480

Institutional Initiatives

The Dynamics of Teacher Development: Negotiating Where We Stand

pp. 481-494

Interdisciplinary Work as Professional Development: Changing the Culture of Teaching

pp. 495-508

The Rhetorical Situation: Examining the Framing of Professional Development

pp. 509-522


Writing Centers and Cross-Curricular Literacy Programs as Models for Faculty Development

pp. 523-536

Cautionary Tales: Ideals and Realities in Twenty-First-Century Higher Education

pp. 537-553

Faculty Development in English Studies: An Overview of Resources and a Suggested Sequence

pp. 555-586



pp. 587-589


Index to Volume 8

pp. 591-595