restricted access   New Series, Volume 21, Number 4, 2007

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From: The Journal of Speculative Philosophy

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Pragmatism and Democratic Legitimacy: Beyond Minimalist Accounts of Deliberation

pp. 243-258

Communication and Conviction: A Jamesian Contribution to Deliberative Democracy

pp. 259-274

Particulars, Practices, and Pragmatic Feminism: Breaking Rules and Rulings with William James

pp. 275-290

The Tyranny of Authenticity: Rebellion and the Question of “Right Life”

pp. 291-306

An Instinct for Spiritual Quests: Quiet Religion

pp. 307-320

Book Reviews

Legal Pragmatism: Community, Rights, and Democracy (review)

pp. 321-323

The Course of Recognition (review)

pp. 324-325

Pragmatism, Critique, Judgment: Essays for Richard J. Bernstein (review)

pp. 325-327

The Cage: Must, Should and Ought from Is (review)

pp. 328-330

Adorno: The Recovery of Experience (review)

pp. 330-332

The Politics of Our Selves: Power, Autonomy, and Gender in Contemporary Critical Theory (review)

pp. 332-335