restricted access   Volume 38, Number 4, July-August 2008

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From: Hastings Center Report

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Field Notes

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The Blame Game: How to Evade the Cost Problem

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From the Editor

Getting Out of Dodge

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Another Voice

Childhood Obesity and Parental Responsibilities

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"Are Their Babies Different from Ours?": Dutch Culture and the Groningen Protocol

pp. 4-7

Hilde Lindemann and Marian Verkerk reply

pp. 7-8

Debating Health Care Reform

pp. 8-9

Teenage Decision-Making Capacity

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Robert D. Orr replies

pp. 10-11

In Practice

House Calls

pp. 12-13

At Law

Jesting Pilate

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Policy & Politics

"Clean" Nuclear Energy?: Global Warming, Public Health, and Justice

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The Romance of the Family

pp. 19-21

Prenates, Postmorts, and Bell-Curve Dignity

pp. 21-25

A Day Too Long: Rethinking Physician Work Hours

pp. 26-27

Children's Health Inequalities: Ethical and Political Challenges to Seeking Social Justice

pp. 28-35

Reasons of the Heart: Emotion, Rationality, and the "Wisdom of Repugnance"

pp. 36-45


Altering the Brain and Mind

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