restricted access   Volume 11, Number 2, December 1987

Table of Contents

Children's Literature and Popular Culture

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Arnold Lobel.

Popular Culture, Childhood, and the New American Forest of Postmodernism

pp. 7-33

Winnie The Pooh Through a Feminist Lens

pp. 34-50

Researching Oz: An Interview with Michael Patrick Hearn

pp. 51-62

"Too Much Love-making": Anne of Green Gables on Television

pp. 63-72

Adapting Children's Books for Television: Interviews with Mary Pleshette Willis and Malcolm Marmorstein

pp. 73-86

The Three Cultures and Children's Television

pp. 87-95

Striving for Excellence in Children's Video

pp. 96-101

Children's Radio Programs and Their Impact on the Economics of Children's Popular Culture

pp. 102-107


The Comic Book At Its Best

pp. 108-110

Rediscovering the Toy Theatre—with a Review of George Speaight's The History of the English Toy Theatre

pp. 111-127

A "People's Theatre" for Youth

pp. 128-135

Philosophy for Children: A Review of the Texts from the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children

pp. 136-140

A Theory of Writing for Young Children: Arguing for a Moffett-Vygotsky Reading of Beverly Cleary's Dear Mr. Henshaw

pp. 141-163

Professional Notes and Announcements

pp. 164-166

Contributors' Notes

pp. 167-169