restricted access   Volume 17, Number 2, December 1993

Table of Contents

Theories of Class in Children's Literature

Introduction: Notes Toward a Theory of Class in Children's Literature

pp. 113-123

God and the Bourgeoisie: Class, the Two-Tier Tradition, Work, and Proletarianization in Children's Bibles

pp. 124-134

Lessons for Children and Teaching Mothers: Mrs. Barbauld's Primer for the Textual Construction of Middle-Class Domestic Pedagogy

pp. 135-151

Latin for Empire: Kipling's "Regulus" as a Classics Class for the Ruling Classes

pp. 152-167

The Mem Sahib, the Worthy, the Rajah and His Minions: Some Reflections on the Class Politics of The Secret Garden

pp. 168-194

A Notable Irrelevance: Class and Children's Fiction

pp. 195-209


"Alabama Angels" Descending into the Past

pp. 210-214

Book Reviews

New to Children's Literature?

pp. 215-219

The Politics of Children's Literature Criticism

pp. 220-225

Subject to Power: The Postmodern Child Spectator

pp. 226-229

Young Love, Politically Speaking

pp. 230-234

The Century's Adolescent Turn

pp. 235-237

Hermeneutics of the Fable

pp. 238-241

Professional Notes and Announcements

pp. 242-243

Contributors' Notes

pp. 244-246