restricted access   Volume 13, Number 1, June 1989

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From: The Lion and the Unicorn

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The Child Hero: Ordinary and Extraordinary

"Remarkable and Winning": A Hundred Years of American Heroines

pp. 7-20

Quixotes, Orphans, and Subjectivity: Maria Edgeworth's Georgian Heroinism and the (En)Gendering of Young Adult Fiction

pp. 21-40

"By Faith Noah": Obedient Servant as Religious Hero

pp. 41-52

The Cracked Crucible of Johnny Tremain

pp. 53-66

The Feminist Writer as Heroine in Harriet the Spy

pp. 67-73

An Interview with Lensey Namioka

pp. 74-81

An Interview with Kris Jaech

pp. 82-95

Papers from the Children's Literature New England Summer Institute

p. 96

Hindsight on the Heroic: Impressions of the Institute

pp. 97-101

Belling the Cat: Heroism and the Little Hero

pp. 102-119

The Heroic in Literature and in Living

pp. 120-128

The Heroic Ideal—A Personal Odyssey

pp. 129-140


Memoir as Metaphor

pp. 141-143

Late News from the Torrible Zone

pp. 144-146

Publishing History in (and out of) Perspective

pp. 147-150

What Should Our Children Read?

pp. 151-157

Professional Notes and Announcements

pp. 158-159

Contributors' Notes

pp. 160-162