restricted access   Volume 14, Number 1-2, Winter-Spring 2006

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From: Configurations

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Thinking with Animals



pp. 1-7

The Quiescent Ass and the Dumbstruck Wolf

pp. 9-28

The “Virtual Menagerie”: The Histoire des animaux Project

pp. 29-41

Ethical Animals in La Mettrie, Darwin, and de Waal

pp. 43-59

The Death of the Last White Male

pp. 61-68

Chicken Auguries

pp. 69-86

Killing Them Softly: Animal Death, Linguistic Disability, and the Struggle for Ethics

pp. 87-96

Encounters with Companion Species: Entangling Dogs, Baboons, Philosophers, and Biologists

pp. 97-114

Between Species: Science and Subjectivity

pp. 115-126

Whitehead’s Philosophy of Unities Explored in a Case of Social Democratic Cattle Breeding

pp. 127-156

Morbidity and Vitalism: Derrida, Bergson, Deleuze, and Animal Film Imagery

pp. 157-179

Book Reviews

Killing Animals (review)

pp. 181-185

The Whole Creature: Complexity, Biosemiotics and the Evolution of Culture (review)

pp. 185-188


pp. 189-192