restricted access   Volume 22, Number 2, 2007

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From: Canadian Journal of Law and Society

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Urban Governance and Legality from Below / Gouvernance Urbaine et Légalité D’En Bas


pp. 1-8

Security, Sovereignty, and Non-State Governance “From Below”

pp. 9-27

Urban Revitalization, Security, and Knowledge Transfer: The Case of Broken Windows and Kiddie Bars

pp. 29-53

Civil Rights Meet Civil Engineering: Urban Public Space and Traffic Logic

pp. 55-72

Governing Prostitution: New Formations, Old Agendas

pp. 73-94

Urban Security, from Nodes to Networks: On the Value of Connecting Disciplines

pp. 95-112

Dossier: The Law Commission of Canada / La Commission du Droit du Canada


pp. 113-116

Jamais deux sans trois ... Once Reform, Twice Commission, Thrice Law

pp. 117-143

In Memoriam: La Commission du droit du Canada / The Law Commission of Canada, 1997–2006

pp. 145-175

Law, Culture and Civil Codification in a Mixed Legal System

pp. 177-195

Big and Little Brother: The Potential Erosion of Workplace Privacy in Canada

pp. 197-230

Review Essay / Note Critique

Legal Expertise, Scientific Knowledge, and Medical Ethics at a Crossroads

pp. 231-241

Book Reviews / Comptes-rendus

Sociolegal Studies and Urban Governance: Mapping an Interdisciplinary Frontier

pp. 245-248

Law and Ethics in Biomedical Research: Regulation, Conflict of Interest, and Liability (review)

pp. 248-250

Delinquency and Juvenile Justice Systems in the Non-Western World (review)

pp. 251-254

Transnational Law and Local Struggles: Mining, Communities and the World Bank (review)

pp. 254-260

Lawyers Gone Bad: Money, Sex and Madness in Canada’s Legal Profession (review)

pp. 260-262

Crime in Literature: Sociology of Deviance and Fiction (review)

pp. 262-265

Women and Children First: Feminism, Rhetoric and Public Policy (review)

pp. 265-270

Bar Codes: Women in the Legal Profession (review)

pp. 270-273