restricted access   Volume 78, Number 3, 2008

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From: Africa: The Journal of the International African Institute

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pp. 328-333

Local intellectuals - narrative and memory

Life/History: Personal Narratives of Development Amongst NGO Workers and Activists in Ghana

pp. 334-358

This Is not Our Culture! Discourse of Nostalgia and Narratives of Health Concerns in Post-Socialist Tanzania

pp. 359-383

An Introduction to the Writings of J. G. Mullen, an African Clerk, in the Gold Coast Leader, 1916–19

pp. 384-400

An Extract from 'My Experience in Cameroons During the War'

pp. 401-409

New commodity cultures

From Scotch Whisky to Chinese Sneakers: International Commodity Flows and New Trade Networks in Oshikango, Namibia

pp. 410-432

Gun Culture in Kumasi

pp. 433-454

Reviews of books

The Bottom Billion: why the poorest countries are failing and what can be done about it? (review)

pp. 455-457

The Unsettled Land: state-making and the politics of land in Zimbabwe 1893-2003 (review)

pp. 457-458

Reconstructing the Nation in Africa: the politics of nationalism in Ghana (review)

pp. 458-459

Making Nations, Creating Strangers: states and citizenship in Africa (review)

pp. 459-460

Daily Lives of Civilians in Wartime Africa: from slavery days to Rwandan genocide (review)

pp. 461-462

Intermediaries, Interpreters, and Clerks: African employees in the making of colonial Africa (review)

pp. 462-463

Emancipation without Abolition in German East Africa, c. 1884–1914 (review)

pp. 463-465

Fighting the Greater Jihad: Amadu Bamba and the founding of the Muridiyya of Senegal, 1853–1913 (review)

pp. 465-467

Shaping Tradition: civil society, community and development in colonial northern Ghana, 1899–1957 (review)

pp. 467-469

Hausa Urban Art and its Social Background: external house decorations in a northern Nigerian city (review)

pp. 469-471

The Oral and Beyond: doing things with words in Africa (review)

pp. 471-472

Ngugi wa Thiong'o Speaks: interviews with the Kenyan writer (review)

pp. 472-474