restricted access   Volume 39, Number 1, Summer 2008

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From: Journal of Interdisciplinary History

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"Justice of the Marketplace": Legal Disputes and Economic Activity on America's Northeastern Frontier, 1700–1860

pp. 1-35

National Security and U.S. Immigration Policy, 1776–1790

pp. 37-64

"Machinery Has Completely Taken Over": The Diffusion of the Mechanical Cotton Picker, 1949–1964

pp. 65-96


Capitals of Capital: A History of International Financial Centres, 1780-2005 (review)

pp. 97-98

Leprosy and Empire: A Medical and Cultural History (review)

pp. 98-99

Rethinking Revolutions through Ancient Greece (review)

pp. 99-100

Mediterranean Anarchy, Interstate War, and the Rise of Rome (review)

pp. 100-102

Floods of the Tiber in Ancient Rome (review)

pp. 102-103

European Sexualities, 1400–1800 (review)

pp. 104-105

Aguecheek's Beef, Belch's Hiccup, and Other Gastronomic Interjections: Literature, Culture, and Food Among the Early Moderns (review)

pp. 105-106

Who Are You? Identification, Deception, and Surveillance in Early Modern Europe (review)

pp. 106-107

The Jew in the Medieval Book: English Antisemitisms, 1350-1500 (review)

pp. 108-109

Hakluyt's Promise: An Elizabethan's Obsession for an English America (review)

pp. 109-110

Hubbub: Filth, Noise & Stench in England, 1600-1770 (review)

pp. 110-111

The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump: John Snow and the Mystery of Cholera (review)

pp. 112-113

The English Countryside Between the Wars: Regeneration or Decline (review)

pp. 113-114

Ireland's Great Famine: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (review)

pp. 114-115

The Measure of Merit: Talents, Intelligence, and Inequality in the French and American Republics, 1750–1940 (review)

pp. 115-118

Blessed Motherhood, Bitter Fruit: Nelly Roussel and the Politics of Female Pain in Third Republic France (review)

pp. 118-119

Family and Community in Early Modern Spain: The Citizens of Granada, 1570-1739 (review)

pp. 119-121

The Great War and Urban Life in Germany: Freiburg 1914–1918 (review)

pp. 121-122

Conflict and Stability in the German Democratic Republic (review)

pp. 122-124

Bearing the Heavens: Tycho Brahe and the Astronomical Community of the Late Sixteenth Century (review)

pp. 124-125

Suicide and the Body Politic in Imperial Russia (review)

pp. 126-127

The Rise and Fall of Communism in Russia (review)

pp. 127-128

Southern Sons: Becoming Men in the New Nation (review)

pp. 128-129

Peace Came in the Form of a Woman: Indians and Spaniards in the Texas Borderlands (review)

pp. 129-130

If We Must Die: Shipboard Insurrections in the Era of the Atlantic Slave Trade (review)

pp. 131-132

Emancipating New York: The Politics of Slavery and Freedom, 1777-1827 (review)

pp. 132-133

Slavery and the Commerce Power: How the Struggle Against the Interstate Slave Trade Led to the Civil War (review)

p. 134

The Missouri Compromise and Its Aftermath: Slavery and the Meaning of America (review)

pp. 135-136

The Horse in the City: Living Machines in the Nineteenth Century (review)

pp. 136-137

After the Gold Rush: Tarnished Dreams in the Sacramento Valley (review)

pp. 137-138

Paper Families: Identity, Immigration Administration, and Chinese Exclusion (review)

pp. 138-139

Her Best Shot: Women and Guns in America (review)

pp. 140-141

The Humboldt Current: Nineteenth-Century Exploration and the Roots of American Environmentalism (review)

pp. 141-142

Calculating Promises: The Emergence of Modern American Contract Doctrine (review)

pp. 142-143

Conceiving the Future: Pronatalism, Reproduction, and the Family in the United States, 1890-1938 (review)

pp. 144-145

Trust and Power: Consumers, the Modern Corporation, and the Making of the United States Automobile Market (review)

pp. 145-146

Aimee Semple McPherson and the Resurrection of Christian America (review)

pp. 146-147

Workers and the Wild: Conservation, Consumerism, and Labor in Oregon, 1910-30 (review)

pp. 147-149

Antitrust and Global Capitalism, 1930–2004 (review)

pp. 149-150

Prophet of Innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and Creative Destruction (review)

pp. 151-152

This Land, This Nation: Conservation, Rural America, and the New Deal (review)

pp. 152-154

Eisenhower, Science Advice, and the Nuclear Test-Ban Debate, 1945-1963 (review)

pp. 154-155

Calculating a Natural World: Scientists, Engineers, and Computers during the Rise of US Cold War Research (review)

pp. 155-157

Noxious New York: The Racial Politics of Urban Health and Environmental Justice (review)

pp. 157-158

From Sovereign Villages to National States: City, State, and Federation in Central America, 1759-1839 (review)

pp. 158-160

Sovereignty and Revolution in the Iberian Atlantic (review)

pp. 160-161

Indo-Persian Travels in the Age of Discoveries, 1400-1800 (review)

pp. 161-162

Journey to the East: The Jesuit Mission to China, 1579-1724 (review)

pp. 162-164

The Ambivalent Consumer: Questioning Consumption in East Asia and the West (review)

pp. 164-165