restricted access   Volume 43, Number 2, 2008

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From: Latin American Research Review

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Editor's Foreword

Editor's Foreword: Pioneering Multidisciplinary Research on Latin America

pp. 3-5

Contributions of Racial-Ethnic Reclassification and Demographic Processes to Indigenous Population Resurgence: The Case of Brazil

pp. 7-33

Priests and Pills: Catholic Family Planning in Peru, 1967–1976

pp. 34-56

Favela Utopias: The Bailes Funk in Rio's Crisis of Social Exclusion and Violence

pp. 57-79

Gender and Attitudes Toward Justice System Bias in Central America

pp. 80-106

Partisan Cleavages, State Retrenchment, And Free Trade: Latin America in the 1990s

pp. 107-135

Si Nicaragua Venció, El Salvador Vencerá: Central American Agency in the Creation of the U.S.–Central American Peace and Solidarity Movement

pp. 136-158

Fear of the Trannies: On Filmic Phobia of Transvestism in the New Latin American Cinema

pp. 159-179

Latunes: An Introduction

pp. 180-203

Research Reports and Notes

Fine Dining: Race in Prerevolution Cuban Cookbooks

pp. 205-223

Review Essays

Revolution and Its Aftermath in Cuba

pp. 225-240

From Colony to Nation

pp. 241-250

Public Spheres, Crónicas, And Heterogeneous Landscapes: New Works in Latin American Urban History

pp. 251-259

You Can Teach An Old Revolutionary Historiography New Tricks: Regions, Popular Movements, Culture, and Gender in Mexico, 1820–1940

pp. 260-271

Recentering Informality On The Research Agenda: Grassroots Action, Political Parties, and Democratic Governance

pp. 272-281

Democratization And Citizenship In Latin America: The Emergence of Institutional Forms of Participation

pp. 282-289

Recent Trends in the Study of Women and Religion in Colonial Mexico

pp. 290-301


Notes on the Contributors

pp. 306-328